R.P. School

Online Registration Form

General Instructions

  •  Online Registration forms along with detailed instructions will be available on 3rd September, 2018 to 5th September, 2018
  •  Please note your child should be of age between 3 and 4 years.
  •  Facility to fill the online forms will also be made available at the school office on 3rd September, 2018 to 5th September, 2018.
  •  Please keep handy latest front-facing colour photos against a white background, one each of the child, father and mother, ready to be uploaded at the time of submission of the online form. The aspect ratio of the photo should be 1: 1.2, 200 DPI and file size not exceeding size of 500 Kb.
  •  You’ll be required to submit the printout of the downloaded filled-in form duly signed by both the parents in the school office on 6th to 10th September, 2018 between 9.00 AM to 02.00 PM.
  •  You’ll be required to keep a copy of the Date of Birth Certificate of the child along with the printout. Please don’t forget to bring the original copy with you for verification purpose.
  •  The date and time of the interaction shall be communicated via a notice on the school website and an sms your registered no on 11th September, 2018
  • Sd/- Principal.

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